Hello world!

Well this is the first post of Carlisle’s Pagan moot.

At our moot everyone is welcome and we hope everyone will feel welcome!

We have a lovely group of people who have various paths within the Pagan belief. and we accept everyone.

The moot is very important to me, I am incredibly proud of the moot and the part i had in creating it. But that would be nothing without the people who make up the moot and we hope anyone new will add something to the group.

Well anyway, best get this posted. With anyluck i’ll put a few notes after the next moot but that won’t be until near the end of this moot. As we’ve just had one. but if i can get some info out of the others i’ll put some notes up for you all.

Feel free to contact us at carlisle_pagans@hotmail.co.uk

Blessed be folks!







3 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. when is the next moot i would realy like to come but seem to be working most of the time. i could get the date of so i can meet you all please could u let me know
    thanks and bright blessings anne

  2. cant make this one on holls at solfest hopefully the next one

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